Vacation in St. Marteen

14493979969_279a297c39_zDo not get St Martin mixed up with St. Maarten, because these two islands sit side by side. You can enter either island from the other. Different governments, the French and The Dutch, rule each island. This has been the case for over 300-years. There are distinct differences in these two islands and each will gladly answer the call to travelers for fun, excitement, luxury, and many types shopping, restaurant venues and car rental st martin services.
St Martin is host to many fine, luxury villas and deluxe accommodations, all offering expertise in service. St Martin caters to a different class of traveler. If you are, looking, for guided and luxury catered to your every desire for a dream vacation come true. The best thing is that prices are affordable.

Vacation villas offer gourmet chefs, a day spa, and private beach for sunning, fun or just relaxation. During the day charter a boat and have an adventure of a lifetime. You will want to venture out of villa property and explore St Martin’s fabulous scenery. It is easy to rent a vehicle while staying on St Martin and explore the area on your own. Stop for lunch or dinner at some of the best restaurants. Shopping at mom and pop stores are a wonderful venue throughout St Martin.

Luxury vacation villas offer you your choice of wonderful accommodation, themes such as the honeymoon villas. If you embrace ocean front living, then the St Martin beachfront villas are what you want. St Martin offers the best in class villas and wedding villas. All villas are superior in luxury, service and quality. If you prefer staying in a hotel, St Martin and St. Maarten offer nearly 80 quality, luxury hotels to service you at your home away from home.

In addition to private villa beaches St Martin and St. Maarten are host to many pristine beaches that offer many water sports14680637515_1db954cc23_o such as scuba diving and snorkeling. There are over 60 different boat tours, and over 20 different sightseeing tours. There are well over 110 things to do and see in these two islands, and each offer different venues. Once you spend vacation time in St Martin you will come back frequently for rest and relaxation.
Remember when traveling to St Martin do not over tip as many of the eating establishments have already added into your dining bill an extra percentage that goes to the staff.

Remember that to make a call from St Martin is considered an international call. E-mail your family and friends instead. Remember that it is more cost effective use public transportation versus renting a vehicle.